So we have reached mid-year and it is time to do a check-in on your new year’s resolutions, I’m sure that 80% of those commitments included eating more healthy and getting more exercise! Right?

Have you given up on your goals? Can it be due to the cold weather? that this purposeful way of life has become a nothing but a heavy burden? or your cheat meal has become a cheat day and your now wanting to finish stron in making it a cheat month? Whatever the reason is, we can press reset button and start again. We just need to tackle this journey day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month.

Here are four ways to get back on track:

1. Reflect and adjust

You need to reflect, reassess whether you have reached your goal or not. For me, I have gone off track for a number of reasons, from writing exams to death in the family and also falling ill.

So, let’s get back on the horse! Let’s re-calibrate and take stock of where we’re at:

  1. Current weight vs goal weight
  2. Body fat% increased or decreased
  3. Are my clothes tighter or more loose fitting
  4. Have you been killing it in the gym and now want to step it up

The key is not to be negative, but to see this as a chance to evaluate and make necessary changes. If you’re burnt out, take some time off to rest and recharge, if you’re injured, do what you can and try to address the underlying issues. If you’re just too busy, then figure out what will get you motivated and how to fit your workouts in.

2. Reward yourself

Celebrating an achievement goes a long way. You are working hard and giving it your all, why not reward your hard labour. Now, I am not talking about a gourmet cake … no, no, no. I’m talking about a new outfit a more intense workout routine etc. it can be different for everyone. Even try and get a training partner that can hold you accountable. Having a training buddy or trainer that is with you every step of the journey really makes it easier especially those days when you don’t feel like going, a partner can push and motivate you, you’ll actually end up feeling a lot better that you pushed through the workout.

Ultimately, the reward is the work itself — which is why it can also help to reframe your attitude and remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Keep the goal in front of you, write it down and remind yourself WHY you want to do this in the 1st place. This is the real gift to yourself, so kick the hell out of it and enjoy.

3. Stick to a routine

Plan, plan, plan. This goes without saying. 90% of all diets fail because there is no plan involved. Yes, it’s not a piece of cake, some days will be harder than others, but decide to put your head down and just do it, commit to it and see it through, workout by workout, meal by meal. It does get to be fun, especially when you start seeing the positive results.

Stick to the schedule as best as you can (just like you do for a new born baby) it’s usually recommended to workout early in the morning as there are not as many distractions compared to later in the day with work and kids and social events. You are able to get to bed early on most nights and rise early.

Holidays can be a bit of a challenge especially if there are no workout facilities, but there are home exercises you can do, go on a hiking trail, early morning walks even swimming. There are always available options to keep fit.

4. Smaller goals to help you achieve your big goal

You have a big goal at the beginning of each year right? And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but maybe try and break it up into smaller achievable goals.

I am a size 36 and want to fit into a size 32. So in the 1st month will be to adjust my eating habits and start with light training to get my body used to this. At the end of every month reflect and re-assess and if there is a positive difference I would step it up and go at it harder the following month as so forth. This way, I stay motivated in achieving the smaller goals until I reach the ultimate goal. Then it’s a goal in maintaining what I’ve achieved.

Sign up, join a club, invest in yourself, this is the only way you can ensure that you make every cent count and not let it go to waste.